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Custom Blended, Locally Made E-Juice, 100% US Sourced Ingredient

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Custom Blended, Locally Made E-Juice, from 100% US Sourced Ingredients. All of these liquids are made at our Madison location. We carefully select the highest quality ingredients.

Our Liquids Contain:
60-99% Pure Vegetable Glycerin – USP, Kosher, Organic, Non-GMO, and FDA Approved
0-30% Pure Propylene Glycol – USP, Kosher, Organic, Non-GMO, and FDA Approved
Flavoring – Artifical and/or Natural
Nicotine (Optional, currently being researched for FDA approval)

Our Liquids DO NOT Contain: Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl, Formaldehyde, Alcohol or Water.

Specialty Blend Flavor Descriptions:

Sa Doo? – Sweet strawberries and tart rhubarb baked to golden perfection.
India Pale Ale (IPA) – Grab a frothy mug of this craft brewed beer!
Basic White Drink – Every white girl’s dream, this Pumpkin Spice Latte is sure to make you ermagherd!
Hosted Twin Keys – Just like the cream filled foam fingers.
Dry Gap – A slightly dry, ginger-apple cider infused, craft brew.
Rabbit Food – Carrot cake, complete with that rich cream cheese frosting we all love.
Butterbeer – A magical drink popular with wizards and witches.
Princess Pie – This Peach Cobbler recipe was hidden in a castle at the end of the game.
Munchkin Crunch – Ballgame Caramel Corn with Peanuts.
Dad's Eggnog - A spiked and spiced eggnog. Sure to bring some holiday cheer!
Tiramisu – Classic Italian dessert flavor.
Passion Puff – Naughty, full cream yogurt blended with ripe Passion Fruit pulp.
Green Fairy – French Pastis made with Star Anise and Licorice Root, then finished with Orange Peel.
Olde Fashioned – A great Wisconsin drink made with top shelf Cognac and a load of bitters!
X’s & O’s – Refreshing Blackberry Lemonade. The perfect balance of sweet and sour fruits.
Strawberry Quick – Strawberry flavored milk.
Monkey Bread (BNB) – This slightly spicy banana bread will quickly become your all day vape!
Bad Wolf - Crème brûlée, a thick, rich, creamy vanilla custard with caramelized sugar.
Noggin Fog - This fruity candy flavor is specially designed for the sweet-tooth.
Cerealized - The bird is the word on this fruity ring shaped cereal flavor.
Kamehameha - Wild blueberry muffins, fresh from the oven.
Crimson Tail Crunch (CTC) - This crunchy toasted cinnamon cereal flavor is our house Possum's favorite!
Hadouken - This citrus sweet tea with a maraschino cherry garnish is the ultimate combo!
Doughberry – A classic jelly filled doughnut.
Brunch Carries – The captain of the ship invites you to enjoy a bowl, with a touch of milk.
Blue Moon – This Mid-West flavor brings everyone back to their youth.
Kiwi Bliss – Marshmallow and kiwi with a good dash of Bliss to make it sooo much better!
Amaze Balls – Berries and tropical fruits come together in this sweet, addictive blend.
Baja Mist – This drink is normally only found at a taco joint, but we managed to get the recipe.
Million Dollar Apple Pie – This recipe is for sale, if you can afford it. It’s worth every penny!
Anti-Guavaty – Grapefruit, Guava and enough goodness to defy the laws of nature.
Dat Cookie Dough – Everybody loves chocolate chip cookie dough!
Raspberry Cheesecake – Graham crust cheesecake covered in sweet raspberry sauce.
Dragon’s Breath – Berries in and hot cinnamon out. You’ll be breathing fire and loving it.
Raffiallo – This Gelato has hints of coconut, almond, and wafer cookie.
Tutti Fruity – A light, refreshing fruity blend - not too strong.
Oh Rio! – A classic sandwich cookie with cream filling that you can’t help but lick out!
I Like Melons – Three melons (watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew) blended to perfection.
Unicorn Tears – Blue powdered candy from a striped paper tube.
Mixed Berries – We’ve thrown all of the berries in this one.
Peach Mango – A hint of mango in with our much loved peach makes for a great vape.
Orange & Cream – Your favorite old fashioned cream soda. Can you find the fizz?
Tiger’s Blood – Coconut cream and strawberry come together for a smooth, sweet, fruity vape.
Scribbler - Banana strawberry yogurt.
Korupted Cake – A pineapple upside-down cake.
Island Punch – You’ll feel like a kid again!
Ice Cold – We tested this on Eskimos and they couldn’t handle it… but this is Wisconsin! You’ll be fine!
The G-Spot – We’ll let you find this flavor on your own….

Competition Super Max VG (97-98% VG Final Volume) Flavors Descriptions:

Razzle Blazzle - A sweet blue raspberry hard candy.
Shirley Temple (Kiddie Cocktail) - Lemon-lime & Maraschino cherry.
Lucky Marsh - Multi-colored Irish marshmallow oat cereal with milk.
Sure Bert - Rainbow sherbet with a smooth, sour finish. You'll swear it's the real thing!
Caramel Cream Puff - Caramel drizzled, whipped cream filled pastry.
Watermelon - A light and very authentic fruit flavor.
Espresso - A slightly bitter, burnt coffee.
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Joshua A.
5 of 5 Stars
The Tigers Blood juice is outstanding. My every day choice by far. Now that I can order it online, I'll always keep some on hand.


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